Dream It Yourself

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Helping Make Your Dreams A Reality

Why We Are Excited.

Here at Jack Oat Construction we excited to offer this tool to our customers. Why? This is not just any other home visualization program. The Jack Oat Dream It Yourself Visualizer is loaded with all the products available to you, right here in central Pa. The Renoworks staff has painstakingly compiled the images as well as specifications, colors,shadings, and textures with one goal in mind. To be the closest representation to the real product as possible without having to put it on your house.

How We Can Help You Plan.

Just providing this online tool is not all we are prepared to do. We intend to support you as well. We know how overwhelming learning a new program can be and although the Dream It Yourself Visualizer is designed to be super user friendly with drag and drop items as well as tips, tutorials and help screens throughout the software, We will be here for you as well. Once you have entered into the Visualizer you will see a small help box in the lower Right corner. This is where you can get personalized help from the staff at Jack Oat Construction.  

How we Can Help You Achieve Your Dream

Jack Oat is not just another construction company. Jack Oats managers have over 20 years experience managing the delivery of quality products, In a timely manor and with the needs and interests of the customer in mind. From the design and planning phase to the ordering and implementation phase Jack Oat treats every customer as though they are our only customer. 

So enough about us, lets jump in and get a project started